Library Officers

The Levi E. Coe Library Association is composed of six town-appointed members and six library association-appointed members. Directors serve three year terms and may serve two consecutive terms.


Ashley Baker

Bonny Fowler (Treasurer)

Joanne Hargreaves

Robin Heath

Elizabeth Tischio


Susan D'Orvilliers

Jane Geremia

Jean Hazen

Cathy Hinsch (Secretary)

Daryl Menisky

Dawn Parkinson


Pauline Bladek

Donald Ginter

Brenda Marino

Ralph Sayward (President)

Barbara Wallach (Vice President)


The Levi E. Coe Library Association

The Levi Coe Library Association was incorporated in 1893 by a joint resolution of the Connecticut General Assembly. Membership in the association is open to any Middlefield resident. The purpose of the library association is to maintain and support the library.

Please call the library for more information.