Internet Use Policy

The Levi E. Coe Library’s public computers allow users to freely access the World Wide Web. All Internet computers have access to Microsoft Word or Open Office. Not all computers will provide the same support.

Staff will be on hand to help users access the Internet and to answer basic computer questions but will not be available for extensive training in the use of the computer or the World Wide Web.

The Internet is not filtered at the library in accordance with the views of the Connecticut State Library which “supports the principle of open, free, and unrestricted access to information and ideas, regardless of the format in which they appear.”

Rules for Use

  1. Patron must sign in at the front desk.
  2. A time limit of 1 hour will be imposed if there are people waiting.
  3. User must give up the computer promptly if requested to by a staff member.
  4. The library is not responsible for materials and/or sites viewed by minors nor is it responsible for the use of the Internet by minors. That is solely the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  5. The library reserves the right to remove any person who is mistreating the computer equipment or performing deliberate illegal, disruptive or offensive activities on the computer from the premises.
  6. There is a $.10 charge per page for pages printed off the Internet.
  7. Use headphones when listening to audio content on the computer and keep the volume down.
  8. Completely close out the browser when done.

*Revised October 2007