Levi E. Coe Library Meeting Room Policy and Key Sign Out Policy

General Rules

1. The Levi E. Coe Library Meeting Room is available free of charge to nonprofit organizations, service clubs or educational groups. Days and times of use are determined and approved by Library Management.

2. There is no fee for nonprofit organizations, service clubs, or educational groups. If an organization, club, group or private party does not fall within the aforementioned categories, a donation of $10.00 per hour for each scheduled event, program or meeting may be collected by the Levi E. Coe Library. Payment is required to be made in full prior to the scheduled event, along with the fully completed forms.

3. Private organizations, clubs, groups or parties that rent Library Hall must provide Proof of Insurance and name the Levi E. Coe Library as an additional insured for the event.

4. Duration of each event, program or meeting may not exceed six hours, unless prior approval by Library Management has been obtained.

5. Due to room capacity, occupancy may not exceed 49 persons at any time during a scheduled event, program, or meeting.

6. Refreshments may be served. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

7. There is no smoking allowed at any time in the building. Organizations that do not conform to this restriction will be immediately removed and denied future use of Library Hall.

8. No goods and/or services may be sold in Library Hall other than those that directly benefit the library or are sold at a library related event.

9. The Levi E. Coe Library has priority on the use of Library Hall. All other groups will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

10. The Library reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an event, program, or meeting if inclement weather, power outages, or other factors would create an unsafe situation for attendees of said events, programs or meetings.

11. The library often has a waiting list of groups requesting use of Library Hall. Groups that cancel meetings MUST notify the library at least 24 hours in advance. Groups that reserve Library Hall, but fail to cancel within the proper time, may lose future reserved time slots.

12. Parking spaces are limited. Please park vehicles for programs and events in the upper parking lot. If additional parking is required, the lower level parking lot area may be used as well.

Revised 11/11

Responsibilities of Groups Using the Levi E. Coe Library Hall

The hours of operation for Library Hall are Monday through Saturday, 10am-9pm

1. All groups must leave Library Hall clean and in order after each use. Please remove all trash and sweep the floor. Please clean off all tables and chairs used during the program or event if there are any spills. Organizations that fail to properly clean Library Hall may be prohibited from future use.

2. The library is not responsible for items left in Library Hall. Unclaimed items will be discarded.

3. If your group keeps food or beverages in the refrigerator, please label and date each item. Items not labeled will be discarded. The library is not responsible for supplies or food stored in the kitchen.

4. Several groups use Library Hall. Please remove old items from the cupboards and the refrigerator once a month.

5. Standing on the chairs or tables, and improper use of the furniture is prohibited.

6. Check to make sure that all doors are locked and all lights are turned off prior to leaving Library Hall. Please return the room temperature to the prior setting as posted above the thermostat. Groups that leave doors unlocked or lights on may be denied future use of Library Hall.

7. Please use ONLY the main library lobby entrance to enter and exit any events, programs or meetings in Library Hall. Entrance or exit by any other door will be considered a violation of the Library Hall Meeting Policy, and may result in the loss of future use of Library Hall.

Key Sign Out Policy

1. All keys must be signed out in person at the main desk of the library. A third party may not pick up a key.

2. Keys may not be copied. A maximum of two keys per group may be signed out.

3. Keys may not be loaned to others. You are responsible for the key that you sign out. If you need to hand the key on to another person, you must first return the key to the library. The next person must then come in and sign the key out.

4. A $25.00 deposit is required for all outside rentals of Library Hall. This deposit will be returned in full if all conditions are properly met. Additionally, there will be a fee of $25.00 for all lost keys.

5. The keys must be returned within 48 hours of your group's last meeting. Keys that are returned late will accrue a $5.00 per day fine (maximum $25.00 fine). No additional keys will be loaned until all fines and fees are paid.

7. Groups that meet weekly or biweekly during the school year must return the key by June 30 th. Keys not returned by June 30 th will accrue a $5.00 per day fine (maximum $25.00). No keys will be loaned until all fees and fines are paid. KEYS MAY NOT BE KEPT OVER THE SUMMER. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


Revised 11/11