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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Levi E. Coe Library Interlibrary Loan Policy

Who can use the Levi E. Coe Library’s ILL service?

Any user with a current library card in good standing with an existing patron

record at the Levi E. Coe Library.

1) As a borrowing library:

Try searching our catalog first. Many times a popular title is in our collection but may be checked out or in processing. Ask a librarian.

How many items can be requested through ILL at a time?

Only 3 ILL items can be checked out at a time on a user’s card.

Restrictions on service

ILL services may be refused or suspended if the user has substantial fines, chronic overdues or lost items.

Types of materials borrowed

The library will put in requests for any format (book, A/V, etc.) that we do not


All requests are sent out to lending libraries, however, if the title is too new it may

take up to six months to receive the title. Many lending libraries will not send

books or other materials through ILL until they are at least six months old in their


How long is the item checked out?

The loan period and whether or not an item can be renewed is dependent on the owner library.

What if it’s overdue?

Overdue ILLs will accrue a fine of $1.00 for every day overdue.

What if it’s lost?

The user is responsible for any ILL request made. If an item is lost, the user’s

ILL privileges will be suspended and their card blocked until either the item is

returned or compensation has been made to the lending library for replacement.

How do I submit a request?

The user can submit a request for ILL by phone, email, or in person.

How long does it take to get an item through ILL?

Items may take several weeks to come into the library. Once the library has received the

requested title, a staff member will contact you either by phone or email.

2) As a lending library:

The Levi E. Coe Library will accept requests from any library throughout the state of


How to submit a request:

The Levi E. Coe Library will accept requests for ILL through phone, email, or fax,


The Levi E. Coe Library will send out available materials except for the

following: new DVDs and new audios and books less than 6 months old. The library

reserves the right to refuse to lend any materials that fall within the above


Time to respond:

The Levi E. Coe Library will respond to an ILL request within 2 open business days. If a requested item is on the shelf, it will be sent out to the borrowing library 

immediately through deliverIt. Any item not on the shelf may be placed on hold upon the borrowing library’s request.

Circulation period:

The material that is requested by the borrowing library is checked out to the

library for 45 days. Requests for renewals may be made by phone, fax, or email.


There is no charge to request materials from the Levi E. Coe Library. However,

the borrowing library will take full responsibility for items that are lost or


Updated January 2017